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Profile Cutting Machines
ESAB Vision Controllers
The Falcon features a transverse drive motor with precision rack and pinion gear, together with backlash-free gears and drives which give high cutting and positioning speeds. The linear guiding with AC motors ensures accurate travel of the torch carriage with smooth rapid acceleration. Two tool carriages are attached to a zero-backlash steel band which - contrary to conventional steel ropes - is not susceptible to slag deposits. The rapid-action coupling allows for efficient manual positioning of the tool carriages.
ESAB Vision Controllers Combirex CXL-P
The Combirex CXL-P can be configured in three sizes to meet your exact plate width requirements of 2000 mm, 2500 mm or 3000 mm. The length of the machine can be extended from the basic 5000 mm in 1000 mm rail extensions. The machine can be configured with up to four cutting tools and the modular design ensures that the machine can be easily upgraded with extra cutting tools if your requirement changes in the future.The Combirex CXL-P has a powerful 3 axis drive system that delivers speeds up to 20000 mm/min.
ESAB Vision Controllers Ergostar EXA
Ergostar EXA is a very versatile and flexible machine that can be equipped up to 6 oxy-fuel torch carriages for cutting thickness between 3 and 300mm. Standard versions has a span of 3 and 5.5m with a positioning speed of 24m/minErgostar is also suitable for plasma and marking.
ESAB Vision Controllers
ESAB Vision Controllers
The outstanding EAGLE machine is specifically designed for precision plasma applications. It combines high productivity, exceptional accuracy and sophisticated process integration to deliver the highest cut quality parts at the most economical price. With the Vision PC automatic programmable parameters option, ESAB provides automatic setting of all the machine and plasma parameters including gas pressure and type, by selection of the appropriate thickness on the supplied database.
ESAB Vision Controllers E-Vent
The E-Vent is a complete solution for duct work production in the heating and ventilation industry. It consists of a high speed CNC plasma profile machine linked to a special programming system. Installation time reduced to a minimum
  • Smooth and dross-free cuts
  • High cutting speed up to 20m/min
  • Cutting size up to 2000mm x 8000mm
  • Maximal cutting thickness 8mm
ESAB Vision Controllers Numorex NXB
The NUMOREXT machine can be equipped with any combination of oxy-fuel, plasma or marking tools. Its crucial advantage lies in its high degree of automation. eg:

Multi-carriage oxy-fuel burners which enable the mirror image or congruent cut possibility for the cut of up to 12 parts at the same time. Different oxy-fuel bevelling heads for bevel cutting of V-, Y-, K- and X-joints.
ESAB Vision Controllers SUPRAREX
The SUPRAREX SXE is ready to receive a multitude of different tools for cutting, weld preparation and marking with advanced plasma technology or tried and tested oxfuel cutting. Even combinations of these processes or plasma cutting and marking without changing tools is easily achieved with the SUPRAREX SXE. everything for your success.
ESAB Vision Controllers TELEREX
The TELEREX portal CNC machine offers extensive scope for flexibility, customized equipment and extensive carriage options such as:
  • Precision automated 3 torch bevel cutting
  • Plasma variable bevelling
  • High power and high precision plasma
  • Vacublast or grinding plate preparation
  • Dual contour Y axis cutting
  • High speed omni-directional plate marking
  • Automated oxy-fuel cutting
ESAB Vision Controllers
ALPHAREX Laser Cutting Systems are equipped with laser resonators and optics from Trumpf, offering 3,4 or 5 KW CO2 lasers.
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